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綠色科技新碼頭-高明貨櫃碼頭公司 KMCT, Terminal of Excellence, Your Best Choice.
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Kao Ming Container Terminal Corp. (KMCT) was established on 20th September, 2007. We signed an investment contract of "Phase I of the Port of Kaohsiung Intercontinental Container Terminal Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Project" with Kaohsiung Harbor Bureau on 28th September, 2007. The concession period of construction and operation is fifty years, beginning from the contract signing date.

KMCT's terminal (hereafter, "the Tml No.6") has four berths (nos.108-111) with a total length is 1,500 meters and the hinterland depth is 475 meters, whereas the designed draft is 16 meters, making it the deepest terminal in Kaohsiung port. Besides, Tml No.6 is one of the few terminals in Kaohsiung port that can serve the mammoth container vessels. Tml No.6 is also very close to Kaohsiung 2nd entrance, which means vessels can save berthing time.

As a modern and high-tech terminal operator, KMCT is committed to offering high-quality and highly efficient service to our clients with the principle of safety, efficiency, and energy saving among our terminal standard, machinery, and facilities.

As a professional terminal operator, we adopt Double Hoist Quayside Gantry Cranes and Automated Rail Mounted Gantry Crane (ARMG) in order to offer high quality and efficiency service, which makes the terminal more effective. In terms of the control center, we operate with an automated system, an advanced OCR and a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to speed up vehicle transit and container clearance. Moreover, KMCT aims for environmental protection, the gate complex were installed with solar power panels on the roof in order to reduce daily carbon emission and save energy.






Terminal Specification
No.of Berths
4 berths
Design Capacity
2.8 Mil. TEU
Max. Capacity
3.3 Mil. TEU
Terminal Length
1,500 m
74.8 Ha.
16 m
In gate: 7+1 lanes
Out gate: 5+1 lanes
Terminal Chassis
Reefer Plugs
綠色科技新碼頭-高明貨櫃碼頭公司 KMCT, Terminal of Excellence, Your Best Choice.



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